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Dr. Peter W. Fry, DDS Reviewed by
Melissa W. A Google User

Dr Fry and his staff have been so amazing! I am so happy with the work he did on my teeth - everything looks natural and as perfect as real teeth should look ! And I really love the fact he is holistic too. Highly recommend this practice for quality and safe dental care.

What methods of teeth whitening are available through an Evanston area dentist?

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is a common cosmetic treatment available by Evanston area dentists such as Peter W. Fry DDS of Making Smiles Happen. His dental practice is excited to offer a wide variety of cosmetic services to allow patients to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile at an affordable cost. His practice offers teeth whitening, which is a highly desired method of lightening tooth enamel for a dazzling, brilliant smile!

While there are teeth whitening systems available over-the-counter at local drugstores, they are not comparable to the whitening power of professional-grade whitening through a cosmetic dentist. Peter W. Fry DDS provides deep, efficient whitening in one of three methods for new and existing patients.

In-Office Whitening
Peter W. Fry DDS offers in-office whitening, which is done in the dentist’s chair. Patients visit his practice and can spend as little as 15 minutes having their teeth bleached. This is an affordable, effective way of whitening the smile that provides little to no sensitivity afterwards.

Take-Home Whitening
Patients may consider the benefits of take-home whitening trays. Unlike over-the-counter kits, Peter W. Fry DDS uses an impression of his patients’ teeth to create a custom whitening tray. This tray is sent home with the patient along with whitening gel that is administered into the tray and worn for a specific time each day. Patients will see gradual results over the course of several weeks.

Combination Treatment
Patients who want the ultimate results may consider a combination treatment of both strong, powerful in-office whitening and take-home trays. Patients visit for a one-hour whitening session, and then take home a whitening kit to use for several weeks. They finish their treatment by visiting his practice one more time for another power bleaching. The results from combination treatment are dramatic and long lasting with continued maintenance whitening.

If you have been unhappy with the whitening results from over-the-counter kits or are looking for a more powerful, long-lasting alternative, Peter W. Fry DDS of Making Smiles Happen can help. Contact his practice today to consult with his team and find out if in-office, take-home, or combination treatment is right for your smile!
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