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Dr. Peter W. Fry, DDS Reviewed by
Melissa W. A Google User

Dr Fry and his staff have been so amazing! I am so happy with the work he did on my teeth - everything looks natural and as perfect as real teeth should look ! And I really love the fact he is holistic too. Highly recommend this practice for quality and safe dental care.

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It is our great pleasure to provide you with the Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health Digital Library. Written exclusively by the foremost dental educators and clinicians in the field of dentistry, this library provides you with the latest developments and advancements on all aspects of dentistry to help you make the best decisions for your dental health. Such decisions can change not only your smile but your life for the better. If you have any questions after exploring the library, please feel free to ask our team.

You can get started by either searching for a dental term or procedure in the search box or you can view some popular articles below. Once the articles open, please feel free to print, email and share them with your friends and family.

Featured Article on Cosmetic Dentistry - View all cosmetic dentistry articles

The Impact of a Smile Makeover - What does it really mean?

Americans are catching on to the emotional and social importance of a healthy, beautiful smile, and they're seeking out ways to improve their smiles. Learn why and what a change could mean for you...

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Featured Article on Dental Implants - View all dental implant articles

Dental Implants - Your Third Set of Teeth

A discovery fifty years ago paved the way for one of dentistry's most exciting, natural looking and successful tooth replacement systems. Learn how dental implants might just possibly change your life...

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Featured Article on Teeth Whitening - View all teeth whitening articles

Teeth Whitening - Brighter, lighter, whiter...

The subconscious impact of a white smile is radiant health, happiness, warmth and invitation. This phenomenon has been reinforced with the spread of American culture worldwide, where an especially white smile has even been coined a "Hollywood smile". Today brighter, lighter, whiter teeth have become a norm. Tooth whitening by bleaching is a successful, conservative, relatively inexpensive and safe alternative...

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Featured Article on Porcelain Veneers - View all porcelain veneer articles

Smile Design Enhanced with Porcelain Veneers

In part two of the series on Smile Design, Dear Doctor takes an in-depth look at Porcelain Veneers, a superior yet minimally invasive technique for smile enhancement. We'll explain not only when they're appropriate, but also when they're not...

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Featured Article on Nutrition - View all nutrition articles

Nutrition & Oral Health

Oral health is a huge part of our general health. In Part 1 of this important series, we will focus on diet as it relates to dental/oral health. Learn new important facts about sugars - the good and the bad; fluorides; tooth erosion by acids; and more...

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Featured Article on Periodontal (Gum) Disease -
View all periodontal (gum) disease articles

Periodontal Inflammation and Heart Disease

Similarities in the body's response to these two diseases may indicate a connection...

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Featured Article on Bad Breath - View all bad breath articles

Bad Breath - More Than Just Embarrassing

The bane of humans for thousands of years, bad breath may be no more than the result of poor oral hygiene - or a sign of a more serious, underlying condition. Get the facts on what causes bad breath, and what you can do about it..

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Featured Article on Sensitive Teeth - View all sensitive teeth articles

Sensitive Teeth

The "ouch" can range from a twinge to downright excruciating... Learn about tooth sensitivity in this consultation!

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Featured Article on Oral Cancer - View all oral cancer articles

Oral Cancer - This article may just save your life

Learn how to notice any unusual lesions (sores or ulcers) anywhere in your mouth that do not heal within two-three weeks. Early detection is key...

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Featured Article on Tooth Decay - View all tooth decay articles

What is Tooth Decay? - And How to Prevent It!

Tooth Decay is an infection, and many people don't realize that it is preventable. This article is the first in a series about tooth decay, perhaps the number one reason children and adults lose teeth during their lifetime. Explore the causes of tooth decay, its prevention and the relationship to bacteria, sugars and acids...

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