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Rating: 5

Dr. Peter W. Fry, DDS Reviewed by
Melissa W. A Google User

Dr Fry and his staff have been so amazing! I am so happy with the work he did on my teeth - everything looks natural and as perfect as real teeth should look ! And I really love the fact he is holistic too. Highly recommend this practice for quality and safe dental care.

Chicago Dental Implants


It's time to get your best gap free smile. When you smile, you should be able to do it with confidence, knowing that you are as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. Very often people will judge you on your smile alone; make sure that they see the real you, not the gaps between your teeth! How? For those living in & around Chicago, dental implants from Dr. Peter Fry are a fast, relatively painless, & life-changing solution.

How are dental implants fitted? First, we will place a strong synthetic material into the tooth socket, allowing it to take the place of the root. Once that anchor is in place, it serves as the foundation to hold a new artificial tooth or dental bridge. They essentially replace the structure of the tooth from the bottom up, allowing good candidates to have a totally new tooth fill in a gap. Dental implants are so incredibly natural looking, no one will even know you went to the dentist!

Hear what our patients are saying:

I have been a patient of Dr. Peter Fry's for the past 15 years. Last year I had
four implants placed in the upper right side of my mouth and this year I had
three additional implants placed in the bottom left side.
I am very pleased with the results of both the procedures. Dr. Peter Fry is to be commended for both his work and dedication. His greatest concern is watching out for the best interests of his patient. This extended to his phoning me at home after both procedures to be sure I was doing well and not having any problems.
Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend him for any dental work as he has exceptional technical and people skills.

- Anne Muskat, Retired / Patient for 23 years

What type of dental implant is right for you?

Full upper replacement: we will use dental implants to completely replace all upper teeth with new, synthetic teeth. All missing tooth roots will be replaced with implants.

Full lower replacement: we will replace all of your lower teeth, using essentially the same procedure as for a full upper replacement.

Anterior replacement: this refers to replacing easily accessible and visible front teeth with dental implants. This type of replacement can be performed for a single tooth, or for a number of teeth. Dr. Fry will evaluate your particular needs and design implants accordingly.

Posterior replacement: this type of replacement is as customizable as anterior replacement, but refers to the larger teeth in the back of the mouth. Here again, Dr. Fry will evaluate your individual situation, determining whether one tooth needs to be replaced, or a larger row needs implants.
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