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Dr. Peter W. Fry, DDS Reviewed by
Melissa W. A Google User

Dr Fry and his staff have been so amazing! I am so happy with the work he did on my teeth - everything looks natural and as perfect as real teeth should look ! And I really love the fact he is holistic too. Highly recommend this practice for quality and safe dental care.

Talented dentist restores smiles in Evanston, IL beautifully

Accidents and untreated cavities can result in severe damage to your teeth. Peter W. Fry, D.D.S. knows that his patients want their smiles to be both beautiful and healthy. Two common options used to restore smiles that have sustained extensive damage are dental crowns and fixed dental bridges.

Dental crowns

The purpose of a dental crown is to protect and restore a tooth that has suffered extensive damage above the gum line but still has a healthy root. A dental crown is tooth shaped cap that is bonded over a damaged tooth, restoring shape, beauty, and function. Porcelain crowns are frequently included in smile makeovers because they provide patients with a very natural looking restoration.

Receiving a dental crown typically involves two appointments. During the first appointment, the damaged portion of the tooth is removed. Next, Dr. Fry will reshape it to accommodate the crown and take impressions of the upper and lower arches of teeth. The dental lab will use the impressions to create the crown, a process that takes about two weeks. The doctor will place a temporary dental crown to protect the tooth while you are waiting for your permanent crown. Once your crown is ready, you will return for a second appointment, at this time, the doctor will check to make sure the new crown is the proper size, shape, and shade, and then remove the temporary and cement the permanent crown in place. The result is a restoration that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Fixed dental bridge

When a tooth has sustained too much damage to be restored with a crown and has to be extracted, a fixed dental bridge is a popular option to restore the missing tooth. A fixed dental bridge consists of two crowns with an artificial tooth in the middle. The process for receiving a bridge is very similar to that a crown. The teeth on each side of the gap are prepared for crowns, then the impressions are taken and the temporary bridge is placed. It also takes about two weeks for the lab to fabricate a fixed dental bridge. Once it is ready, Dr. Fry will remove the temporary restoration and cement the permanent bridge in place.

Dental crowns and fixed bridges can provide patients with a beautiful restoration. If you have a damaged or missing tooth, call Dr. Fry's office at 773 - 545 1414, and schedule your appointment. His office is a short drive for Evanston, IL residents to receive quality dental care and beautiful smiles.
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